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Environmental cleanliness has become a crucial aspect of everyday life in Singapore, as people actively seek out clean, safe, and comfortable spaces. As a healthy environment supports many aspects of life, including the prevention of illness and infection dissemination, it has become vital to have well-trained cleaning staff respond to these tasks. Therefore, the demand for trained cleaning personnel has gradually increased across all sectors, including healthcare, business, and public hygiene. With the market for these services expanding, individuals who wish to pursue a career in cleaning have numerous options when it comes to selecting a cleaning course in Singapore. 

Being a cleaner may appear simple on paper, as no specific environmental cleaning courses are required for the position, and most of the skills are acquired on the job. However, cleaning service workers are highly encouraged to enrol in environmental cleaning services courses in order to become professional and skilled commercial cleaners. Furthermore, specialised training may be necessary for particular sectors, which should be considered when choosing a cleaning course in Singapore.

Our environmental cleaning courses encompass a wide range of services, from workplace health and safety to public hygiene. As a result, we provide WSH courses on environmental cleaning as well as WSQ cleaning courses established in accordance with the WSQ framework for the cleaning industry. These environmental cleaning services courses are designed to assist cleaning service workers in enhancing their employability and advancing in their careers. They begin with basic cleaning courses and progress to cleaning supervisor courses.

Cleaning is a rewarding industry, and structured education programmes can help you learn everything you need to know about its professional facet. Learn all about cleaning indoor and outdoor surroundings, including how to use cleaning products properly and safely.

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Public Hygiene Maintenance (Level 1) - Residential

Course Duration: 8.67hour(s)

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Food Shop Hygiene Maintenance (Level 1)

Course Duration: 8.84hour(s)

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Customer Management (Level 1)

Course Duration: 8.25hour(s)



Incident and Accident Investigation (Level 2)

Course Duration: 8 hour(s)