ISO 22301 Consultancy

ISO 22301:2019

ISO 22301 assists an organization in identifying the risk of exposure to internal and external threats regardless of the organisation’s size and nature of business. The focus of ISO 22301 is to ensure continuity of business and deliverance of products and services after the occurrence of disruptive events (E.g. natural disaster, fire, theft, IT outage, or terrorist attack) and to protect the business interests of the organization.

The implementation of ISO 22301 not only involves the development of policies and procedures for the organization to prevent disruptive events, but also the development of plans and the allocation of technical and other resources to make the continuity and recovery of business activities possible.

Steps to accomplishing ISO 22301 Certification


Tips for implementing ISO 22301 in your organization,:

  1. Management commitment and support
  2. Engagement of employees
  3. Effective internal communication
  4. Determine gaps between existing business continuity processes with ISO 22301
  5. Gather feedback from customer and supplier on current business continuity processes
  6. Form a business continuity team to establish, implement and maintain the BCMS
  7. Assign responsibilities, authorities of relevant roles
  8. Project timeline with deliverable
  9. Encourage staff involvement with training and sharing of knowledge
  10. Conduct internal audit to determine the conformity of the BCMS to ISO 22301, the effectiveness of implementation and maintenance of BCMS
  11. Conduct management review to ensure the BCMS is suitable, adequate, effective and align with the strategic direction of the organization.
Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

A management process that ensure business continuity by identifying the potential disruptive incidents, conduct risk assessment and business impact analysis, and plan the disruption recovery to mitigate the risk to the business.

Maximum Acceptable Outage (MAO)

the greatest measure of time an action can be disturbed without causing unsuitable harm (additionally Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption – MTPD)

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

A pre-determined time at which an activity, product / service shall be continued, or assets should be recuperated

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

most extreme information misfortune, i.e., least measure of information utilized by an action that should be re-established

Minimum Business Continuity Objective (MBCO)

The minimum outputs (services / products) an organization required to produce in order to achieve the objective set in the wake of continuing its business tasks

There are four fundamental business helps that an organization can accomplish with the execution of this business progression standard:

  1. Consent to lawful necessities
    There are something else and more nations characterizing laws and guidelines requiring business coherence consistence. Furthermore, past government interests, private organizations (e.g., monetary foundations) are additionally requiring their providers and accomplices to carry out business congruity arrangements. Also, fortunately ISO 22301 gives an ideal system and technique to help consistence with these necessities – by diminishing authoritative and functional exertion, just as the quantity of punishments to be paid. Peruse the article Laws and guidelines on data security and business congruity to see a rundown of business progression enactment around the world.
  2. Accomplish advertising advantage
    If your organization is ISO 22301 confirmed and your rivals aren’t, you will enjoy an upper hand over them with regards to clients who are touchy with regards to keeping the coherence of their activities, and the conveyance of their items and administrations. Furthermore, such accreditation can assist you with getting new clients, by making it simpler to exhibit that you are among the most incredible in the business, prompting expanded portion of the overall industry and higher benefits.
  3. Decrease reliance on individuals
    As a general rule, an organization’s basic exercises depend on only a couple of individuals who are difficult to supplant – a circumstance agonizingly showed when these individuals leave the association. Leaders who know about this can utilize business coherence practices to become undeniably less subject to those people (either on account of carried out substitution arrangements or by archiving related assignments), which means you can forestall a great deal of cerebral pain when somebody leaves the association.
  4. Forestall enormous scope harm
    In a universe of ongoing administrations and exchanges, each moment of down help costs cash – large chunk of change. What’s more, regardless of whether your business isn’t really touchy to little times of inaccessibility, problematic occurrences will set you back. By carrying out business coherence rehearses agreeable with ISO 22301, you will have a kind of protection strategy. Regardless of whether by keeping problematic episodes from occurring, or by becoming prepared to do quicker recuperation – your organization will set aside cash. Furthermore, the best thing of everything is that your interest in ISO 22301 is far more modest than the expense investment funds you’ll accomplish.

This truly relies upon an enormous number of variables like documentation, execution, and Auditing. From the Scratch to Certification, more modest associations might require 6 months, associations with up to 500 individuals will require 8 months to 1 year, and bigger associations a year or more.

Any organization – enormous or little, for profit or non-profit, private or public – can profit from ISO 22301. ISO 22301 is most appropriate to associations that don’t have the advantage of overseeing vacation without disturbance. IT organizations, for instance, can’t manage the cost of blackouts as this could mean the distinction in customers moving to contenders that appear to be more solid. As business sectors become more cutthroat carrying out frameworks like ISO 22301 can mean the distinction in holding and developing your customer base. In ongoing year’s we have seen different ventures, for example, development and the public area carry out the norm. Assuming your association needs to guarantee customers, staff, and partners that you have an arrangement set up to oversee interruptions that limit vacation, then, at that point, ISO 22301 affirmation is the ideal choice.

Funding available up to 80%

(new supplementary budget announcement: Enhanced EDG till March 2022)

To help companies adopt internationally-recognised standards and certifications in key industries, as well as in new and emerging sectors. By doing so, your company should achieve outcomes, such as increased business competitiveness locally and internationally, enhanced market access, and/ or increased trust in your products and services.

Scope of work covers:
  • Assessment and adoption of relevant standards for business growth
What is not covered:
  • Cost of annual surveillance or recertification of current standards which the company is already certified to
  • Standards referred to in local regulatory acts
  • Product testing and validation of existing or off-the-shelf products
  • Basic standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001, SS 506, and ISO 45001
Support level:
  • SMEs up to 80%; non-SMEs up to 60% of qualified costs from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022.
  • Certification fees are a supportable cost component