Highly Relevant, Approved Courses

We provide food safety courses and food hygiene courses in Singapore for food handlers and personnel seeking employment in the food service sector. Our programmes begin with food safety/hygiene course level 1 and progress to workplace safety and customer service. The courses provide the necessary knowledge and applications for learners to understand the significance of food hygiene and safety when handling or preparing food.

The objectives covered in Assure Safety’s food hygiene courses are as follows:

  • Maintaining good personal hygiene
  • Keeping equipment and the premises clean
  • Using safe ingredients
  • Handling and storing food safely
  • Workplace safety

Receiving proper training from our food hygiene courses will enable food service employees to enhance their productivity and skills as well as provide a positive service experience to the customers. In addition, it will make them eligible for the progressive wage model (PWM), which has now extended to the food services sector.



Food Safety Course Level 1 (Food Hygiene Course)

Course Duration: 8.00 hour(s)

A women using a colander and a kitchen sink to wash tomatoes. Food hygiene and safety concept image.


Food Safety Course (Level 1) (AOP) (English & Chinese)

Course Duration: 1.5 hour(s)



Food Safety Course (Refresher)(Level 1)(Chinese)

Course Duration: 4.5 hour(s)

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Food Safety Course Level 3 (Food Hygiene Course)

Course Duration: 21 hour(s)

What is the Progressive Wage Model (PWM)?

Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs) are covered by the progressive wage model in Sectoral Progressive Wages in cleaning, security, landscaping, elevator and escalator, retail, and food services. It enables full-time lower-wage food service employees to receive annual salary increments starting from the 1st of March, 2023.

For Singapore citizens and PR food service workers, successfully completing at least two WSQ courses are mandatory to meet the food services progressive wage model training requirements. Therefore, employers must ensure the staff at their F&B establishments complete the required food safety courses or food hygiene courses in Singapore from the list of approved WSQ training modules to renew existing work passes or apply for new work passes.

All employers are eligible for the following grace periods to comply with the food services PWM training requirements,

  • For new hires: Six months from the start of employment
  • For existing employees: Until the 29th of February, 2024

Sign up courses below and fulfill the PWM training requirements to avoid suspension of work passes privileges!

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Customer Service Excellence (Level 1)

Course Duration: 8.33 hour(s)

Updated chef-cooking-food-restaurant-kitchen (1)


Workplace Safety & Health for Food & Beverage Operations (Level 3)

Course Duration: 16.83 hour(s)

follow workplace safety and health (WSH) policies and procedures in maintaining a safe work environment.


Workplace Safety and Health for Food & Beverage Operations (Level 2)

Course Duration: 7.42 hour(s)

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Customer Service Excellence (Level 1) (AOP)

Course Duration: 0.33 hour(s)

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Workplace Safety and Health for Food & Beverage Operations (Level 2) - AOP

Course Duration: 0.42 hour(s)

Kitchen assistant / Cook / Food Service Counter Attendant / Food/Drink Stall Assistant

Waiter / Waiter Supervisor / Food/Drink Stall Assistant