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Our PDPA courses in Singapore encompass a wide range of subjects, from personal data protection fundamentals and practices to incident management for cyber and data breaches. They are intended for individuals who aspire to be Data Protection Officers (DPO) or executives in the ICT sector, with a focus on their skill set and qualifications. All programmes provide students with an overview and understanding of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) and its applications in business to ensure compliance.

The competency framework of these PDPA courses and training roadmap was designed to improve the abilities and productivity of data protection professionals. Moreover, they enable organisations to explore developing employees’ data innovation-related competencies as they move toward leveraging the value of data to find innovative solutions.

The personal data protection act courses generally focus on numerous legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as organisational compliance practices. They will also discuss how to prevent non-compliance and create data protection management programmes. These personal data protection act courses include subjects such as managing data protection, business risk, and stakeholders. In addition, they will provide essential information regarding PDPC mandatory breach notifications in instances where data has been breached and compromised.

The primary goal of these PDPA courses is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills they require to have a thorough grasp of data governance and data security. Furthermore, these personal data protection act courses guide individuals in developing comprehensive data protection programmes for their firms by using a risk-based approach.

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Cyber and Data Breach Incident Management

Course Duration: 9.5 hour(s)

Fundamental Personal Data Privacy Act


Fundamentals of The Personal Data Protection Act (2020)

Course Duration: 23 hour(s)



Practitioner Certificate in Personal Data Protection (Singapore) 2020 (WSQ)

Course Duration: 21 hour(s)