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Why is Workplace Health & Safety Important for Your Business?
Every employee has a legal right to a safe and healthy workplace, regardless of whether they work in administration or provide physical labour. While this is a responsibility and a cost for business owners, it also brings various benefits, particularly in terms of productivity and cost reduction.
Food Safety and the Four Types of Food Contamination
Whether you work in a food service establishment or simply cook at home, understanding the potential risks and hazards associated with food safety is critical. There are already numerous food safety courses available in Singapore that provide a wealth of information on this subject. One of the key topics covered in it is the risk of food contamination.
Workplace Safety and Health in Food and Beverage Operations
Workplace safety and health are crucial aspects of any industry, and the food and beverage operations sector is no exception. With numerous potential hazards present in this industry, it is essential to prioritize the well-being of employees. This article explores the importance of workplace safety and health in food and beverage operations, regulatory requirements, common hazards, preventive measures, personal protective equipment (PPE), training and education, emergency preparedness, safety culture, incident reporting and investigation, health and wellness programs, continuous improvement, and the overall benefits of prioritizing safety
What are the 11 obligations of PDPA?
If you are a business owner, it is essential to know your obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore. The PDPA is a comprehensive data protection law that sets out the obligations of organisations that collect, use, and disclose personal data in Singapore. In this article, we will explore the 11 obligations of PDPA and what they mean for your business.
What is Food Safety Course?: A Comprehensive Guide
Food safety is an essential aspect of the food industry. To ensure that food is safe for human consumption, it is important to train food handlers and managers in food safety practices. In this article, we will discuss what a food safety course is, its importance, and how it can benefit food handlers and managers.
What trainings do you need to be a cleaner?
Cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining hygiene, health, and safety in our homes and workplaces. Cleaning jobs can range from residential cleaning, office cleaning, and even industrial cleaning. However, many people overlook the importance of proper training for cleaners.
Assure Safety
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Yee Leng ChooYee Leng Choo
08:49 25 Nov 23
08:49 25 Nov 23
Interactive and engaging tq
Saraswathy VallySaraswathy Vally
05:40 23 Nov 23
Very interesting class and we are all engaged in different discussions. Thank you Marcus!
09:20 21 Nov 23
Lecture’s lecturing is understandable and straightforward.
Leong Kuan MooiLeong Kuan Mooi
09:20 21 Nov 23
very good
Thank you Marcus for teach some tips and experience about cleaning course...
Lang DihLang Dih
08:24 18 Nov 23
Trainer is Patient &Helpful. Thanks
Cheng HooCheng Hoo
08:10 16 Nov 23
The Trainer Mr Marcus is very helpful and so kind
Lim Eng ChiewLim Eng Chiew
08:08 16 Nov 23
Trainer is helpful. The lecturer explains very carefully and the students follow the course very quickly. I like it.
Marcus is a good trainer ... he ensure all learners understand and able to catch up with his teaching....Thank you Marcus
Richard SunRichard Sun
08:07 16 Nov 23
Presley AlexanderrPresley Alexanderr
08:07 16 Nov 23
Friendly Trainer
Michelle LeeMichelle Lee
09:12 15 Nov 23
Instructor Mr Chan is clear and interesting in his lesson. Thank you
Siti Nasuha RuslanSiti Nasuha Ruslan
09:11 15 Nov 23
The course content is good and it’s useful. trainer was engaging
09:11 15 Nov 23
The environment very clean and comfortable place~
Nurul NasratulNurul Nasratul
09:11 15 Nov 23
Lecturer is fun and engaging. Overall its value for money. Thank you Mr Chan. The best !
Sabrina AkbarSabrina Akbar
09:10 15 Nov 23
Course is very informative and trainer is engaging! 👍🏼
Zhi Seng ChoZhi Seng Cho
08:42 09 Nov 23
The trainer is experienced in demonstrating to us through different case studies.
Raymond TeoRaymond Teo
08:40 09 Nov 23
Trainer Patrick is super good, clearly explain on PDPA compliance
aaron yapaaron yap
08:37 09 Nov 23
Trainer is really helpful
Yong Yeow Chung (yyc)Yong Yeow Chung (yyc)
08:36 09 Nov 23
Wai Sim WongWai Sim Wong
08:34 09 Nov 23
I get to learn and understand of PDPA in Assure safety.
Laura TanuwidjajaLaura Tanuwidjaja
08:16 09 Nov 23
Trainer is good in engaging students and sharing infomation, also gave relevant real-life examples for learning.
Lina MateenLina Mateen
08:18 08 Nov 23
Trainer Marcus interacted and engaged well for our better understanding
Alex LeongAlex Leong
08:16 08 Nov 23
Trainer is helpful
Wei wen WongWei wen Wong
08:16 08 Nov 23
Yoke Sim ChanYoke Sim Chan
08:41 07 Nov 23
The teacher Marcus teaches very carefully.
Marcus is really very patient and willing to go the extra miles to make sure learners understand the topics.
Z H TanZ H Tan
08:39 07 Nov 23
Instructor Marcus teaches carefully and patiently❤️
Mui Foong ChongMui Foong Chong
08:38 07 Nov 23
Marcus is very good and kindly person.
Irene TanIrene Tan
08:37 07 Nov 23
Thank you Marcus Ng, you are the best teaching in this seminal.
Halifi MahdHalifi Mahd
08:58 02 Nov 23
Excellent Course. Great Trainer. Mr Marcus.
08:56 02 Nov 23
Have very good knowledge and learning from my trainer Marcus
Rinna SuhaimiRinna Suhaimi
08:56 02 Nov 23
Trainer Marcus was clear in his sharing and explanations. Provided helpful answers especially when some students asked questions which involved real life occurrences.
08:55 02 Nov 23
The trainer is Marcus
White TigerWhite Tiger
05:08 31 Oct 23
Very Excellent course and Very polite teacher.
Gula MaduGula Madu
08:26 26 Oct 23
Having fun & knowledgeable trainer makes your course enjoyable. Thank you Mr Marcus Ng. 😊
nadia abdullahnadia abdullah
08:23 26 Oct 23
Very Good Experience
Latipah AliLatipah Ali
08:23 26 Oct 23
Eli LisaEli Lisa
08:23 26 Oct 23
Wendy BergoniaWendy Bergonia
10:53 25 Oct 23
Trainer was fun and not boring, Although its a whole day course.Entertaining and engaging.Wish to have more role plays for interaction and Fun.
Lee MaverlynLee Maverlyn
08:50 25 Oct 23
Mavis OngMavis Ong
08:48 25 Oct 23
Interesting class . Trainer is fun and patient.
08:03 25 Oct 23
Lai MexLai Mex
08:02 25 Oct 23
great and 👍👍
Liething LohLiething Loh
08:27 23 Oct 23
Learn to be safe
Stephy LohStephy Loh
08:26 23 Oct 23
Learn a lot about safety and health.
Zhang JunZhang Jun
08:26 23 Oct 23
Really enjoy the class with the trainer Marcus
yifann Angyifann Ang
08:25 23 Oct 23
Waiyin LaiWaiyin Lai
08:25 23 Oct 23
The class is very interesting to know more about WSH at the workplace. Trainer Marcus is very helpful.
Trainer was well verse, Professional and patient towards adult leaner. Best course I have ever attended.
Ayu AngAyu Ang
08:46 17 Oct 23
Nice Ambience, cool and clean classroom... Experienced trainer & friendly Mr Richard Ho, overall GOOD!!!
Wana NRWana NR
05:30 12 Oct 23
It's good for learn more, and can understand what the trainer talk. It's very good👍 Mr Richard.
Ayie ChecaAyie Checa
08:45 06 Oct 23
The trainer is really helpful and explained to us in detailed
08:45 06 Oct 23
Miah Md SohebMiah Md Soheb
08:44 06 Oct 23
I’m happy come here
Lady LynLady Lyn
08:44 06 Oct 23
I have learn something new.
Jun ElmiJun Elmi
08:43 06 Oct 23
Very useful course in helping me understand the types of emergencies that can happened at my workplace. Thank you Marcus 👍
Tay HonglianTay Honglian
08:09 22 Sep 23
excellent coach
Chye Ling TanChye Ling Tan
08:09 22 Sep 23
Our trainer Mr. Marcus very patient with excellent professional guidance, highly recommend. 👍🏻👍🏻
Mary TeeMary Tee
08:09 22 Sep 23
The course on WSH in F&B really broaden our knowledge in workplace safety and regulations. Thank you Marcus!
Siew voon CheongSiew voon Cheong
08:08 22 Sep 23
The lecturer is very good
May PangMay Pang
08:07 22 Sep 23
We really enjoy the class very much. Marcus is very patient and willing to explain in detail.
James JeffJames Jeff
08:38 04 Sep 23
Sia Kiam SingSia Kiam Sing
08:37 04 Sep 23
We learn a lot of WSH knowledge from trainer Marcus!
Xiaolin CuiXiaolin Cui
08:37 04 Sep 23
I have learned a lot from the food safety and health course. I am very grateful to the teacher.
Fangmei ZhengFangmei Zheng
08:36 04 Sep 23
Trainer, Marcus is very helpful and we learnt a lot from his lesson.
Chen Chen TeoChen Chen Teo
08:35 04 Sep 23
The training on WSH for F&B ops is very useful and fun!
Kimmy WongKimmy Wong
08:25 30 Aug 23
Trainer was friendly and well-knowledgeable. Able to guide students and conduct a fun class
Jamuna ManoJamuna Mano
08:28 29 Aug 23
Trainer Marcus was very interactive and kept us engaged throughout the whole class for better understanding.Highly recommended.
Felicia TanFelicia Tan
09:34 22 Aug 23
Trainer Han is helpful and patient, gave a lot of real life examples to relate so that we can understand course content better.
08:44 08 Aug 23
Very good course. Easy to understand and I really learned a lot from trainer. Thanks 😊 🙏
Fong YokeYinFong YokeYin
08:43 08 Aug 23
The class on emergency response management is very fun and engaging.
Shu Zhen NeoShu Zhen Neo
09:04 04 Aug 23
Sharon LoySharon Loy
09:04 04 Aug 23
Jem LeeJem Lee
07:53 04 Aug 23
Desmond TanDesmond Tan
07:51 04 Aug 23
Condusive place for training. Venue is near to lift.
zheng wenyingzheng wenying
08:15 02 Aug 23
This instructor is funny and professional 👍
Kent LooKent Loo
08:13 02 Aug 23
ok nice
Catherine KooCatherine Koo
08:13 02 Aug 23
Trainer is helpful
Puvana ThevanPuvana Thevan
08:25 20 Jul 23
The trainer name is yaumingHe is a very good teaching and very good trainer,thank you so much sir😊
08:12 18 Jul 23
Good experience, hopefully all of the staff can attend this course and gain new knowledge 👏🏻 trainer is helpful and patient
Alan ChewAlan Chew
12:31 04 Jul 23
learn alot from trainer thank you so much
Regine TanRegine Tan
08:22 28 Jun 23
Patrick is very knowledgeable and helpful in answering students’ questions.Training venue is also clean and conducive for learning.
Sim JoeSim Joe
11:02 19 Jun 23
Yao Ming is a great trainer. He shared alot of experience and knowledge to the class
GuoLong TangGuoLong Tang
07:50 16 Jun 23
Trainer is knowledgeable & friendly. Classroom is very clean. Trainer is very patient to make sure everybody is clear about the course.
Jodia HoJodia Ho
07:49 16 Jun 23
Trainer is knowledgeable, fun, & friendly. Overall, classroom environment is good.
Jesieca WongJesieca Wong
07:48 16 Jun 23
Classroom is good.Trainer is knowledgeable & friendly to guide.
Catherine ChingCatherine Ching
06:02 19 May 23
Trainer Patrick Oh is highly qualified to teach this course. He is knowledgeable and gave practical advice relevant for my organisation. Highly recommend DPOs to come for training under Patrick Oh.
Chris TongChris Tong
08:21 14 Feb 23
Trainer Patrick is very experience.Makes the lessons interesting.He is very cheerful, humorous.
Raina TayRaina Tay
09:56 11 Feb 23
The training has met my objectives. As we have a mix of English, Chinese and Malay speaking people in class, the trainer made the extra effort to explain in 3 languages so that everyone understood the course contents. It will be good if we can get the people specifically in different language class so that the class can be commence faster..Overall, it is a good course which has enhanced my knowledge in food safety…
Rain DearRain Dear
08:08 10 Feb 23
Trainer Yi Ling is very clear in her teaching and explanation. She knows the content well and is able to answer all our questions.
Gentle LionGentle Lion
07:39 01 Feb 23
Completed the three days Fundamentals of the PDPA course, and it helped me to see how my organisation needs to look into to comply with the PDPA. Trainer made it practical to apply what was taught into the organisation.
chan you jinchan you jin
08:11 17 Nov 22
Trainer is very well versed and knowledgeable in the topic and the trainer is very interesting.Course materials is very goodEnvironment ambience is conducive for learning
Si ling TaySi ling Tay
07:17 21 Oct 22
Trainer has had a lot of knowledge on workplace safety and health, he had shared a lot with us during the class and had increase my awareness in workplace safety and heath which is a good asset to a company.

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