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Offender Category Maximum Fine Maximum Imprisonment
Individual Persons S$200,000 2 Years
Corporate Body S$500,000 N.A

Company fined $120,000 for failing to take adequate safety measures

On 8 January 2013, a fatal accident involving a worker occurred at the Singapore Indoor Stadium workplace. While working on the rooftop area carrying out maintenance and repair works of the Audio Video System, the worker fell through the aluminium sheets and landed on the second level terrace. The worker suffered extensive injuries to his head and lungs.

Investigations revealed that the occupier, DTZ Facilities & Engineering (S) Limited, had failed to address the conditions of the rooftop area which were covered with aluminium sheets (i.e., fragile surfaces) and had failed to effectively implement a procedure to restrict access to the roof catwalk. The occupier also failed to ensure that their employees or contractors when accessing the rooftop area wore Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as body harness or safety belt.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) proceeded to prosecute DTZ Facilities & Engineering under the Workplace Safety and Health Act for failing to take adequate safety measures to prevent persons from falling from height through the aluminium sheets on the rooftop area. The company was sentenced to a fine of $120,000.

MOM would like to remind all employers to ensure that all safety measures are in place for work-at-heights activities at the workplace.


  • Conduct Risk Assessments to remove or control risks to workers at the workplace
  • Maintain Safe Work facilities & management
  • Provide information & training to workers



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